With us you never have to be bored! 

With us there is the possibility to spend time together with activities that suit the whole family. We are working hard towards the goal of being one of Sweden's best children's campsites!

Fun children's activities

Campingskoj med Bärra

Camping fun with Bärra

Bärra the blueberry is the popular and very mischievous mascot who mostly spends time in Blueberry Forest but during the summer spends a lot of time on our campsites. Bärra visits us almost every day and often invents various activities with the children.

lekpark 2


At Ansia we have five nice playgrounds. They all look different. There are swings, rocking animals, climbing towers, slides and more.


Jumping pillows

There are two large jumping pillows on the Ansia. One is located at Restaurant Ansia and the other is located by the mini golf course.



With us you will find a classic course with 12 holes, a perfect activity where the whole family can participate.

V. 28-30 you are welcome to rent clubs in our activity center. Other times during the season you can rent clubs at the reception


Price: 45 SEK/person
135 SEK/2 adults and 2 children


Pedal cars

Rent our popular pedal cars or bicycle cars for a few hours, half a day or all day. You can easily and playfully get around our entire area.

V. 28-30 you are welcome to book and rent pedal cars / bicycle cars in our activity center. Other times during the season you rent these at the reception

Price: 60 SEK/hour

fiskande barn


Lycksele's fishing conservation area covers a large area of different watercourses. There is something for everyone here.



Next door to Ansia Resort is one of Sweden's most difficult golf courses, Lycksele Golfklubb. Those looking for a challenge for both body and mind are advised to take a round.



If you want to try rafting, there is a possibility of it in Ekorrsele, 35 km from Ansia Resort. There, Forsknäckarna offers speed and fan in Vindelälven.



Challenge family and friends in Boule, our boules court is in front of Lilla Hotellet.

V. 28-30 you are welcome to rent orbs in our activity center.
Other times during the season you rent the orbs at the reception

Price: 45 SEK/person

Kayaking 1149886 1920

Kayak & canoe trips, etc.

Nature is best experienced from the water and the tours are suitable for both beginners and the more experienced.
All equipment is included and they guarantee you a great experience.

At Echoes of the North you can also book kennel visits.