Training and relaxation

If you feel like working out and getting active during your stay at Ansia Resort, there are great opportunities for it both in the area and in the nature around you. After training it is nice to relax, why not rent our relax together with the family or friends.



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We have invested in an airy room with good lighting and large mirrors. Our gym has a basic equipment consisting of treadmill, cross trainer, exercise bike, rowing machine, weights, press bench, gym balls and exercise mats. It allows you to effective and varied training. Guests at Ansia Resort can work out for free at the gym.

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There is a fantastic nature around Ansia Resort, we are happy to recommend jogging trails around our surroundings.

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The relax

As a balm for stressed hearts. Sit back in a cozy relaxing environment. When you see the view, you'll understand what we mean by relaxation. The large panoramic windows provide a fantastic view of the river and Lycksele. Out on the patio there are two wood-fired hot tubs and two indoor saunas. There is a common room with tables and chairs where you can cool off after the sauna. We can deliver everything from simple snack trays to hot dinners.  The relax is rented by the hour and is suitable for the business party, birthday party or family reunion. Book by phone: 0950-10083

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In the vicinity of Lycksele there are many different hiking trails. Load the thermos and embark on an adventure in the forests of Lapland.


Multifunction path

3.5 km from Ansia Resort is the newly built multifunction course where you can cycle, ski, run or walk in summer. Bring the water bottle and choose the loop that suits you.


Wellness Center

Just a stone's throw from Ansia Resort you will find the Wellness Centre, treat yourself to a leader-led workout this summer