Around Duse Udde there is a lot to do if you want to leave the campsite for a day trip.

Saffle 1[1]

Discover Säffle

Säffle welcomes you with friendly Värmland hospitality. Discover, taste and enjoy at your own pace. Here you will find new favorite places, new food experiences and meeting people who give you thoughts and insights. Säffle fills you with good memories - a piece of the good life.

Simhall Säffle (1)

Swimming pool in Säffle

Säffle has a new modern swimming pool with Värmland's first 50-meter pool, which is also made of steel, which is the first of its kind in Sweden. The swimming pool also houses a multi-pool, children's pool and relaxation area.

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Kulturhuset Silvénska

Kulturhuset Silvénska is located in the centre of Säffle with a fantastic view of the Byälven river. There are exhibitions and openings.


Säffle Homestead

Säfflebygdens Hembygdsförening conducts a great cultural heritage work to preserve the local history of the Säffle area. There are thousands of old tools and utility items from the peasant society to see to the public, and also ancient finds from the Säffle area.

Sunne Sommarland will reopen for summer 2021
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Sunne Summerland

Sunne Sommarland will reopen for summer 2021


Sunne Sommarland is 97 km from Duse Udde. There are attractions both for daredevils and a little more cautious. In the area there are plenty of sun loungers for a while in the sun. If the weather is not on top, there is a sauna and hot springs to warm up in.


Lurö Archipelago

Find your own favourite spot in the Lurö archipelago, from the hidden quiet bay to the more adventurous. The archipelago area has a total area of about 600 hectares.