Children's activities

New song for our mascot Blueberry Bärra

New now there is a brand new song for our mascot Blueberry Bärra. It's a wonderful song to dance to for any kid who likes our mascot Bärra.

Listen to Bärra's new song

There's a lot of fun here

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Come and jump on our fun jumping pillow, which quickly becomes a favorite for both big and small! (Do not forget to take it easy and that children should have an adult in company).

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The campsite has a children's playground on the sandy beach, where children can swing, go slide and climb the climbing frame.

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The Duse area has several swimming facilities. Closest to the campsite is a shallow and child-friendly sandy beach.
Next to Restaurant Fyren there are rock baths with beautiful cliffs.


Tip walk

Join the Blueberry Bärra's tip walk. A talong is available at reception. Suitable for the whole family, small and large. The walk stretches on the hiking trail 3.8 km.

Camping fun with Bärra

Bärra the blueberry is the popular and very mischievous mascot who mostly hangs out in Blueberry Forest, but during the summer he also visits our campsites!