Family activities

The proximity to Lake Vänern makes Duse Udde a paradise for water sports such as windsurfing and fishing, and the campsite also boasts its own guest harbour.

The area has ball sports areas, pedal boats and playgrounds as well as the right facilities for a really nice stay.

Activities on Lake Vänern

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The Duse area has several swimming facilities. Closest to the campsite is a shallow and child-friendly sandy beach.
Next to Restaurant Fyren there are rock baths with beautiful cliffs.

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Take a trip to Vänern with your family in a rowing boat, a maximum of 4 people. It is possible to put on your own engine with a maximum of 5hp.
Price: 2H 150Kr - 4H 300kr - 24H 600Kr.
Life jackets and oars are included in the price.
Rowing boat pick-up is only done during reception hours.

Drop-in in reception

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Take a trip of discovery on Lake Vänern by canoe and explore the surroundings around the campsite, a real adventure for the whole family! Max 2 people.

Price: 2H 150Kr - 4H 300kr - 24H 600Kr.
Life jacket and paddle are included in the price.
A canoe pick-up is only made during reception hours.

Drop-in in reception.

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Fishing in Byälven requires a fishing license, fishing in Vänern is free. Fishing licenses are purchased on the website The campsite does not rent fishing rods.

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Pedal boat

Rent a pedal boat and take a trip on Lake Vänern. In the pedal boats there is room for four people. The boats are rented from the reception and are located out at the guest harbour.

Pedal boat: 170 SEK/hour
Life jacket is included in the price.

Only drop-in booking during reception opening hours.

Outdoor activities

Hike all year round
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Hiking trails suitable for children, the whole family and for those who want a little more difficult terrain. From Ideberget you get a nice view of the Byälven. There are also walking paths, hiking trails, inside the campsite. The cozy cliffs and child-friendly sandy beaches attract a dip. If you get tired of swimming, there are mini golf, pedal bikes and an obstacle course to enjoy at the campsite. Hiking through varied forest and open fields. Hilly terrain on trails over mountains where snare facilitates the hike. The trails cross public roads.
Start is at Camping cottage 13
Length: from 1.6 km - 8.3 km.
Kuperning: Very easy - strong.



Nice bike paths can be found near the campsite on the hiking trails. There is a bike path between Duse Udde Camping and Säffle center, takes about 40 min one way.

Children's bike 80kr/h -24H 200kr
Adult bike 100kr/h - 24H 300kr
Helmet is not included in the price, bring your own.

Drop-in in reception

Sports activities for the whole family

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Try a few strokes at our miniature golf course, an activity that is appreciated by the whole family.

0-4 year free

5-17 year 40kr

adolt 60kr


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At the campsite there is a volleyball net and the possibility of ball games. Pull together a bunch or challenge the family in one of these fun ball sports.

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Pedal bike

We have pedal bikes for 1 person and for 2 to 4 people. These can only be used in the camping area. Available for rent at reception.

Only drop-in bookings during reception opening hours.

Play environments

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Come and jump on our fun jumping pillow that quickly becomes a favorite for both big and small! (Do not forget to take it easy and that children should have an adult in company).

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The campsite has a children's playground on the sandy beach, where children can swing, go slide and climb the climbing frame.

Relaxation cottage

Sauna cabin 

Price: 2000 SEK / day
Max 8 people.

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