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Our travel types

Vattenlandet I Sunne Stor 89754[1]

Holidays with children

With us, the children are at the center and priority guests!

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Holidays for couples and adults

For those who travel without children.

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Seasonal camping

Enjoy our gems all season.

Grupper och konferens

Group & Conference

Inspiring encounters in a magical environment.


Let´s make a roadtrip!

Experience all our beautiful destinations!

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Bathing summer

All our destinations are close to swimming opportunities.

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Allemansrätten - Sweden's right of public access

Invites everyone to roam free and explore the beauty of our country. As long as you do not disturb and do not destroy, you are welcome to enjoy nature as much as you want.

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Experience Sweden's fantastic nature all year round

Sweden is a fantastic country all year round, full of activities and attractions to experience.

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Hiking in Dalarna

In Dalarna there are good opportunities for you who want to hike in nature. Our destinations are in close proximity to good hiking trails!

Have you met Bärra the blueberry?

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Bärras children's club

At most of our destinations, Bärra the blueberrry has its very own kids club! Join in on lots of fun during the summerholiday.

Get to know Bärra
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Camping fun with Bärra

Bärra is a very mischievous blueberry who loves to play with all our little visitors!

Svenska Campingpärlor

- an extraordinary holiday experience

Svenska Campingpärlor offers campsites with exceptional locations throughout the country. Experience the Dala horses and Zorn in Mora, the pepparmint candy canes in Gränna or the summerland in Sunne. You get a wide range of activities tailored for you as a visitor. For those looking for that little extra there are also two 5-star campsites, Orsa Camping and Ansia Resort.

Always at our campsites