Our travel types

Vattenlandet I Sunne Stor 89754[1]

Holidays with children

With us, the children are at the center and priority guests!

Ha1155 Stor 217200[1]

Holidays for couples and adults

For those who travel without children.

160317 Essfoto Duseudde 7 Stor 84523[1]

Seasonal camping

Enjoy our gems all season.

Grupper och konferens

Group & Conference

Inspiring encounters in a magical environment.

Beach hang or rock bath?

Summer for us equals lovely days at the beach. Lake or sea? Beach or cliff? Soft ice cream or ball ice cream? Find something that fits at one of our destinations, regardless of family preference.

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Svenska Campingpärlor

- an extraordinary holiday experience

Svenska Campingpärlor offers campsites with exceptional locations throughout the country. Experience the Dala horses and Zorn in Mora, the special redwhite pepparmint sweets in Gränna or the summerland in Sunne. You get a wide range of activities tailored for you as a visitor. For those looking for that little extra there are also two 5-star campsites, Orsa Camping and Ansia Resort.

Always at our campsites

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