Always at Campingpärlor

Welcome to Sweden's newest camping chain – with facilities in attractive locations, well-ordered facilities and a rich range of activities.

Most people have positive associations to the word pearl, and that indicates exactly the quality that we strive for in the facilities. Camping beads are for us something beautiful, valuable, a grain of gold, a jewel and a treasure that our guests appreciate based on its unique properties. The pearl is a way of describing something highly appreciated and camping beads are an expression that is originally coined by our guests.

Our nine Campsites from Ansia in Lycksele to Ekerum on Öland are all situated beautifully and beautifully next to water. At the campsites there is the possibility of accommodation in caravan, camper van, various types of cottages, hostels, tents and at some even hotels. All camping gems offer a rich range of activities and experiences!  Read more about each camping gem in the puffs below. Most of our pearls are open all year round, with us you can discover more of the seasons in Sweden.

Our values

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Children in the city centre

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Always with us

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Scenic modes

Wake up with a magical view of the lake or why not the sea. Relax with long forest walks and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful nature. All nine of our destinations are close to peaceful nature and the environment.

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Bathing facilities

Surely hear lots of baths for the summer? That's what we think! Choose from sunbathing and swimming on the beach, in temperate pools or why not the summer country of Sunne.

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A holiday morning without freshly baked bread is not a real holiday morning. In all our destinations you can buy basic foods such as dairy and meat products, frozen products, consumables, ice cream, sweets and much more.

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At our destinations you can easily combine lazy summer days with adventurous days out in nature, wilderness or at local attractions. Hiking, cycling, golf, yoga and swimming. Choose from our different activities and let us guide you in the local Sweden.

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At least 4 stars

The name Campingpärlor indicates exactly the quality that we strive for in our destinations, always with the guest in focus.

Our destinations are always the least classified with 4 stars, according to SCR Svensk Camping's classification standard. In recent years, Ansia Resort (2017) and Orsa Camping (2019) have also been rated 5 stars. This shows the positive development that is taking place within Svenska Campingpärlor.

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Motorhome-adapted plots

Travel by camper van has grown considerably in recent years and at the facilities we work hard to meet the demands placed on us. Our facilities have motorhome-friendly places. These places are easily accessible, are spacious and usually with a harder surface.

Some of our facilities also have pitches, specially adapted to our motorhome guests.