Information about Covid-19

Here you will find ongoing information about the development of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and your stay with us at Svenska Campingpärlor.

For us at Svenska Campingpärlor, the safety of our guests is the most important thing. We continuously follow directives and guidelines from the government and the Public Health Agency and keep us updated on the current situation.

As a guest at Svenska Campingpärlor you usually stay in caravan, camper van, tent, hotel room or cottage. Thanks to staying in your own accommodation, you can to a large extent control your local environment and feel safe with us. Camping for us is all about outdoor experiences in the fresh air, which is also a security.

Our nine destinations are open as usual. The recently introduced ban on public gatherings and public events over 50 people does not apply to campsites in Sweden. Right now we are filled with anticipation and longing for an exciting summer season at our destinations.

Last updated 2020-04-22

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