Camping fun with Bärra

Bärra the blueberry is the popular and very mischievous mascot who mostly spends time in Blueberry Forest but during the summer spends a lot of time on our campsites. Bärra visits us almost every day and often invents various activities with the children.

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Bärra lives in the browse forest
Bärra the blueberry is the popular and very mischievous mascot living in Blueberry Forest in Orsa Grönklitt. Bärra originally lived in an ordinary forest where there were lots of fun things to discover and eat such as ants, moss, berries and mushrooms.
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Since Bärra was originally an ordinary blueberry, he and the other blueberry buddies had to watch out carefully when the children were out in the forest playing. They were just like regular blueberries, very small there next to the ground and risked both being stepped on – maybe even eaten! Bärra and the other berries therefore learned to hide from the dangers of the forest among the blueberry rice.
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Bärra hits a wet
One day Bärra met a nice little wet in the woods. They started talking about life among the trees, moss and mushrooms and Bärra told about her and blueberry friends' problems with the children. The weave then came up with an idea; how about Bärra grew up as a giant? Bärra was of course very happy with the idea! Said and done, Vätten made the little blueberry Bärra as big as a human being.
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Bärra will be great
Now that Bärra was so big, he didn't have to worry anymore about being eaten or trampled on in Blueberry Forest. Bärra and Vätten together made a super fun ski area in the forests of Orsa Grönklitt and named it just, Blueberry Forest. Here you can meet Bärra and a whole bunch of his funny friends.
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Meet Bärra and his friends in the blueberry forest
Meet small tree blueberries that look at all the children who come, blueberries who go snowboarding and some who like to sing. Gammelblueet has lived there the longest and keeps order, but watch out for the mischievous goblin blueberry that throws snowballs at everyone who goes by! Bärra also has a lot of exciting animal friends, including leopards, polar bears and wolves.

Bärra answers questions

Hey Bärra! What kind of fun mascot are you?

Hey, whoops! I'm a mischievous blueberry who loves to play with kids and do fun things.

What are those friends who live there with you?

It's little tree blueberries that look at all the children who come, another that likes to sing. The old-growth blueberry has been there the longest and keeps order in the forest, but watch out for the mischievous goblin blueberry. The best thing we know is to play and play with everyone who comes by.

What fun! But what does a blueberry like you eat?

It's so good, I'll keep it a secret! But it's full of sugar!

What's your favorite color?

Blue of course!

What do you think is the funniest thing there is to do?

Mischief with kids and my friends.

What's the best song you know?

My song – The Blueberry Song! It's great fun to sing and dance to it!

You seem like a cool blueberry! Where can you meet?

I show up here and there, you never know when I'm out on the prank. I am also of course on all my fun activities that are here at the campsite!

Thanks Bärra for the chat, I hope to see you in summer!

Of course we do! 

Bärra tips

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Bärra's bath tips

Swimming is great fun, but remember to have an adult with you and wear swimming puffs or a swim ring if you don't swim well. Although you may like to sprinkle water, keep in mind that those next door do not want to get wet. Now you just have to plump in and enjoy but keep in mind that in water you need to be an extra good friend, so keep an eye on everyone that you bathe with! Swim safe!

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Berry's fishing tips

Fishing can be exciting, remember to wear a life jacket when standing near the water in case you would be so happy when you get a bite and fall in. When fishing, it is important to be quiet so that you do not scare off the fish and so you may have to buy fishing licenses as well. Good luck with fishing!

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Pedal car tips

Pedal car is fun! At most campsites you can rent pedal cars or bicycle cars. The pedal car you sit in yourself while the bike car can fit several in so your friends or family can come along. Have a fun ride!

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Bärra's mini golf tips

Mini golf it's fun! Remember to take a stick that is long enough, choose your favorite ball and then you just have to get started and play. Don't forget to make rules so you don't get along about how many shots you can use. At our campsites, the course´s can be a bit tricky so keep your concentration up and good luck with golfing!

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Bärras ice cream tips

Eating ice cream is probably the best there is! After a long day full of play it´s nice to cool off with a good ice cream! My favorite ice cream is of course blueberries! What favorite ice cream is yours?

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Bärras football tips

Kicking ball with your friends is a simple and super fun activity. In the summer you can find lots of new friends to play with at the campsite so bring the ball, find a patch of grass and kick off the game!

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Berry's hiking tips

Going out for a walk is really fun! Remember to pack something good to drink and eat in your backpack and bring a map and compass if you are going for a long hike. Also, don't forget to tell anyone where to go and when you're going to be home again. Now you just have to go out into nature and enjoy!

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Pedalboat tips

Beeing out in a pedal boat is fun! In some of our pedal boats you sit by yourself and in some you can fit more people, so friends or family can come along. Take it easy out on the water!