Holidays with children

With us, the children are always at the center. For us, holidays are about relaxation and time together with loved ones.

We therefore take care of everything around and let you focus on the most important thing - the family. Large or small family, camping site or cottage. No matter what, we have the accommodation for you at our campsites. All our facilities have unique locations and a wide range of activities adapted for the whole family and their own play areas for the children.

Tips for the family of children

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On our campsites you can enjoy lovely days in the water and on the beach by lake, river or sea. Ekerum Camping and Orsa Camping also have pool areas, here easily disappears one day with lots of fun. At Rättviks Camping you will find Enåbadet, lovely indoor bath for the whole family. Sunne features Sunne Sommarland, Sweden's funniest waterpark! Here you have, regardless of age, how much fun all day.


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On our campsites, exciting and safe playgrounds are important. With us there are playgrounds for both the smaller and older children centrally on site, close to the property and other activities.

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Leadership-led activities

Meet Bärra Blueberries and join inBärra's children club,Blåbärsklubben. Bärra visits us almost every day and often invents various activities with the children. See each campsite's website for the activity calendar.

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Bowling is always fun for both big and small, perfect for a rainy day! At Mora Parken, Orsa Camping and Sunne Camping we have bowling alley directly at the campsite.


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Adventure Golf

Take a round of adventure golf/mini golf with the family or why not challenge the caravan neighbor? Guaranteed fun for the whole family. Courses are available at all our campsites.

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Bicycle and pedal cars

Discover the areas around our campsites with the family. Bicycle and pedal cars are during the summer one of the most popular activities.


Open summer 2021
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Sunne Sommarland

Sunne Sommarland is located right next to Sunne Camping, where accommodation in both cottage and camping plots is located.  At Sunne Sommarland you have, regardless of age, how much fun all day. There are attractions both for daredevils and a little more cautious and even the smallest children have their own area with large children's pool.

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Orsa Predator Park

Orsa Predator Park is located in Orsa Grönklitt, only 15 km from Orsa Camping. With its 325,000 sqm, the park is considered Europe's largest predator park.

It really is not a ordinary zoo, here the animals live in large enclosures with natural forest environments. In the park, many different predators such as Amur Tiger, Snow Leopards, Brown Bears and many more live.



Santa World

In the deep forests just outside Mora lies the fairytale land of Tomteland.  Among high mountains, glittering lakes and waterfalls are Santa claus and Santa Mother's houses among other fabulous buildings in Santa's village. There is also Trollrike, Sagotorget, The Forest of Fairies, the Enchanted Forest, the House of witches and other magical places that you have so far only visited in the fairy tales, but here everything is for real and you are drawn into the adventure of a world populated by fairies, trolls, gnomes and others exciting fairy tale characters.


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The pepparmint sweets manufacturing

Take the opportunity to bake candy canes in an authentic manufacture of pepparmint sweets, in the center of  Gränna, it's both fun and tasty.