If you feel like moving around during your time at the campsite, there are great opportunities for it both in the area and nearby.

V. 28-31, Cornelias Balance comes to our campsite and holds yoga and circle training.
Free! Drop-in. Collection on the green behind the reception.

13158669 Group Of Happy Friends Exercising Outdoors

Circuit training

Keep strength and energy this summer with our circular workout. A fun, effective workout with different stations where we work through the whole body. Everyone can participate regardless of the level of training. Time: Fridays 9-9.45 am



We make movements that counteract stress, back problems and tense neck & seat muscles. Yoga mats are available on site. Come if you want to give the body a lovely start to the day. Everyone can join us! Time: Thursdays & Saturdays 9.00-10.00