At the hostel there are five rooms of 9 sqm. Each room has room with four beds with two bunk beds. In the building there is a shared kitchen with fridge and freezer, oven, stove, household utensils, microwave oven, perculator and kettle. Common room with TV and dining areas. Shared shower and WC.

Ocvhintr01 Stor (218132)
Ocvhintr02 Stor (218133)
Ocvhintr03 Stor (218121)
Ocvhintr04 Stor (218128)
Ocvhintr05 Stor (218122)
Ocvhintr06 Stor (218130)
Ocvhintr07 Stor (218134)
Ocvhintr08 Stor (218124)
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Ocvhintr10 Stor (218125)
Ocvhintr11 Stor (218127)
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Ocvhintr14 Stor (218131)