The following rules of procedure are developed in cooperation with the Nordic camping organizations and are added for your and other campers' and visitors' comfort.

Checkout times
Check-out for camping site takes place no later than 12:00 and for cottage no later than 11:00. A new daily fee will then be charged.

Speed limit and vehicle traffic
For both comfort and the environment, it is better to ride a bike and walk in the area instead of taking the car. Within the camping area, the vehicle speed is limited to 20 km/h - keep in mind that there are many children here! During the day, vehicular traffic is only allowed for residents and service personnel. After 24:00, all motor vehicle traffic is prohibited for guests. In case of late arrival, park outside the reception and check in the morning after.

Fire safety
Think about the risk of fire and place your vehicle 4 meters from your neighbor. Electric cables must not be routed over the road and the towing hitch must be pointed towards the driveable road. Upon check-in, you will receive written information about fire safety procedures. In the area there is a fire ban, use your own barbecue or the barbecue facilities the campsite provides when you are going to grill.

Rules of silence
Adjust the noise level so that other guests can sleep undisturbed from 23:00-07:00. During this period, only residents of the campsite are authorized to stay at the camping area.

Environment and hygiene
Help us protect the environment by sorting garbage, throwing away trash and making more of it! Use the garbage cans located in the area. Dog owners are asked to keep their dogs connected and not walk them within the camping area. Please pick up poop and throw dog poop bags into designated containers. Smoking takes place outdoors for both children and the environment is the nicest if cigarette butts end up in the ashtray iställer for on the hill.

Camping host or staff are not responsible for damage or loss of property.
Anyone who damages buildings, materials or other campers' possessions, or violates these rules of procedure, may be liable for compensation and be rejected.

During certain periods, we clarify our rules of procedure and ask for subshifts with a statement that the rules have been taken into note, at check-in.

If you need help from us, please contact the reception, when it is closed you can always reach us via the telephone number that is available outside the reception!

Since Orsa Camping is connected to SCR, you will need a valid camping card to check in, this you can buy or renew at the reception on arrival.