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Winter activities

At Orsa Camping you have the chance to take part in the winter at its best. Whether you want a day on the slalom slope, a ride in the ski track or just a cup of coffee until sunset, we have accommodation and activities for you. Orsa Camping is only 15 km from Orsa Grönklitt, a complete resort with world-class ski trails and slopes adapted for the whole family. In Grönklitt is also Orsa Predator Park located , which with its 325,000 sqm is Europe's largest predator park. At Orsa Camping there is also Orsa Bowling and McGregor's Sportbar which is open all year round.

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Cross-country skiing

Only 15 km from Orsa Camping is Orsa Grönklitt. Orsa Grönklitt is a perfect destination to sharpen the technique or perhaps try for the first time. In addition, on real snow, the kind that falls from the sky – not machines.

Service, modern ski school, proximity and perfect trails mean that more and more cross-country skiers find their way to Orsa Grönklitt – where you will also be helped to find the equipment that suits you.

Orsa Grönklitt's cross-country tracks are known for their high quality, which draws both national team elite and athletes. 130 km of well-groomed trails through varied terrain, over marshes, heights and in the forest has made the facility for a long time officially vasaloppscenter. There are hilly elite tracks interspersed with easy-to-ride road tracks, roadside-like bog tracks and cozy forest trails – where the full 9 km are illuminated. At Längdcentrum, many people have worked with skis all their lives, and can really help you.

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Only 15 km Orsa Camping is located Orsa Grönklitt. The large combination of different types of downhill skiing and that everything is close to each other is what makes Orsa Grönklitt unique. The top cabin is not far away, in whatever hill you are. The pistes are available in different levels of difficulty, from green to black. And often a slope is divided so you and your friends can ride the same hill but with different difficulty levels.

Challenges can be found both on the piste and off-piste. We have black slopes that can offer breathtaking speed experiences and off-piste trails through magical forest. Find your own way through the forest or follow the tracks of previous daredevils – all according to your own abilities. For those with a little less skis, Bärras off-piste is a favorite!

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During the winter months, Orsa-Mora Skating provides ice rinks on Lake Orsa, a few hundred metres from the campsite. In good weather, skating rinks are pulled up to 30 km.

The association also organizes skating competitions and "try-on" days when they bring their skating cart.


Orsa Bowling and McGregor's Sports Bar located in the same building as the reception and are open around.


Bowling is a sport that suits everyone! With us, play. adults, children, pensioners and the disabled. With the help of lighter orbs, fences and gutters, anyone can play. During the weekends we have disco bowling with lovely music and cool disco lighting.