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Bookable pitches with electricity

Our bookable places are a bit scattered around the campsite.

312-350 has 10 amps, 351-383 has 16amp, 439-460 has 16amp
501-508 has 10amp, these places are located along the river, some of the places have their own terrace.
539-555 has 16amp, these places are a bit larger and are located along the river.

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Bookable pitches without electricity

Most of our bookable places without electricity are located along the river. The places are a bit scattered over the campsite.
Location 144-149 is located on the river, 401-404 is located opposite service building A
601-64 is located at the bottom of the campsite, about half of them are located along the river.

Remember to buy!


Camping Key European

At all campsites connected to SCR Svensk Camping it is mandatory to register. Just show it at the reception and your stay will be automatically registered, without having to fill out any paperwork. In addition, a holiday log book is created on your phone where you can keep track of your stays in Sweden.

Camping ID
A Camping ID is only an identification document to facilitate check-in and check-out. And it's completely free. You can get a Camping ID at the campsite or by downloading it in the My Camping Key app on the App Store or Google Play.

Camping Key Europe
A Camping Key Europe is also an identification document but also gives you access to accommodation discounts at over 2,500 campsites in Sweden and Europe, several preferential discounts and offers, and a completely free liability and accident insurance that applies to the whole family. As if that wasn't enough, you'll also get the camping catalogue Svensk Camping directly to your home in your mailbox. Camping Key Europe costs SEK 199 for one year and you can easily choose to subscribe so that you always have a valid Camping Key Europe.

Camping ID and Camping Key Europe are not required when staying overnight in cabins and rooms.

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Cancellation insurance

To protect yourself if something happens unplanned, you can buy a cancellation insurance. It costs 100 SEK / camping site and 250 SEK /cottage This means that you can cancel until the day of arrival. Svenska Campingpärlor retains the cancellation insurance fee and a handling fee of SEK 250. Cancellation insurance applies if there is a serious event outside your control, which you could not foresee when you booked and which means that it is not reasonable to ask you to stand by your booking, e.g. if you are not able to make a reservation. illness or any other serious event that has affected you, your family or fellow traveller. You must be able to prove your inability to do so with a certificate from e.g. doctor, authority or insurance company.

Good to know


Do you have a favorite place with us, among the pre-bookable seats? If you have pre-booked and stood on the site, you have priority to rebook it. When departure, fill in a rebooking and leave at the reception and book for the same week next year. It is always a year in advance that you book.

Set-up rules

Seasonal camping


The winter season covers most of October until the end of April. The rest of the time is summer season.

You can stand on the winter season with measured electricity consumption and then pay the actual consumption. You then first pay a basic fee of 4 400 SEK, the electricity then costs 1.75 SEK/kWh, which is invoiced monthly.

We plow roads in the areas where seasonal campers (not storage) stand all winter, shoveling up to the door and shoveling of caravan roofs, the campsite does not stand for.

The campsite helps with power-on, when you have heard from you no later than 2 days before arrival.

At Rättviks Camping you can leave your caravan at the campsite for winter storage, you have no electricity connected to the wagon and we do not plow past. If you want to use it, you pay words daily. Storage/parking costs 1 200:-.

To register your interest in winter camping: make a notification by e-mail with name, address and telephone to:, mark email "Interest winter season Rättvikscamping" or by mail: Rättviks Camping, Enåbadsvägen 8, 79532 Rättvik.

Summer season

Late April to early October, counts as summer season!

We have room for about 80 seasonal campers during the summer, the places are spread all over the campsite, both on the older and on the newer part. Already make an expression of interest by mail: Rättviks Camping, Enåbadsvägen 8, 795 32 Rättvik or email: marked the email with "interest summer season Rättvikscamping"

All former seasonal guests will receive a rebooking form sent home in the autumn.

What's in every service building?

Service Building A

  • WC Shower
  • Changing room
  • Kitchen
  • Dishwasher
  • Drinking water

Service building B

  • Hotplates
  • Outdoor disk

Service building C (open all year round)

  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer/dryer
  • Disabled shower/Toilet
  • Family
  • Changing room
  • Kitchen
  • Tv
  • Latrine emptying loose
  • Drinking water

Service building D

  • Toilet
  • Drinking water

Service building E

  • Toilet
  • Hotplates
  • Outdoor disk
  • Drinking water
  • Latrine emptying loose