Koppjärk - Dalarna's most modern and freshest gym!

At the entrance to Rättviks camping is Koppjärk, a modern, large gym with fresh all-round fitness equipment.

Koppjärk offers a variety of guided workouts, such as spinning, yoga bodyfit, etc.


Rättviks Golf Course

  • Welcome to our pleasant park and forest course, located in the "heart" of Dalarna. We offer varied golf, accommodation in our own holiday village with discounted games and food and drinks in the club's restaurant.

    Our Pro is available for you and Your Golf.

    We wish you a nice golf day!




The one-a-bitch swimming pool!

Swimming as a workout

Moving in water is a gentle way to train, whether you swim lengths or just play in the water.

A state-of-the-art facility, which in addition to the 25-metre swimming pool, also includes a relaxation area, children's pool, whirlpool, sauna and café. Some courses in the large pool are always separated and marked for exercise swimming. On the play side there are many large float toys. How long can you balance on a big ring?

Vandring Familj

Hiking and jogging path

There are many nice hiking and jogging trails in Rättvik!

Hike Enåleden starting from Rättviks Camping, in the middle of the hostel at service building A, follow the path along Enån to the Jarl area.

For those who want to exercise in elljuspår, ik Jarl is a few minutes away from us!

Come in to the reception and we will show you where the maps are!


Find out orientation

During the summer there is a free Find Out Map, an orienteering map with Check-points in beautiful points of interest around Rättvik. Split the hunt for check-points into some a day or bet on finding all 29 in one day!