Along the whole of Siljan's beach, in the bay towards Rättvik's center, stretches a lovely, shallow and child-friendly sandy beach, with the well-known Long Jetty, long as eternity, in the middle.

Along the jetty there are several prepared jetties, with a little private location. At the end of Långbryggan there is also the possibility of swimming, you then get out into deep water directly and do not have to walk the 625 meters! as it will otherwise be before dipping completely. At the end of Långbryggan the boat M/S Gustav Wasa adds during his tours on Siljan, all summer.

Directly on the beach in the northern part is a playground, with something for children of all ages. There is also a volleyball net on the northern part of the beach. In the southern part lies "Helsingland" a grassy promontory suitable for sunbathing, swimming and picnicking. There are also some places to add by boat.

The beach has a perfect sun setting all day, and in the evening you swim in the beautiful sunset. Some parts of the beach have shady pinetrees. Next to Långbrygga's stronghold is the restaurant Sjövillan with a lovely outdoor terrace overlooking the beach and jetty. Dog bathing is located in the bay, directly north where the campsite ends.

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