Children's activities

New song for our mascot Blueberry Bärra

New now there is a brand new song for our mascot Blueberry Bärra. It's a wonderful song to dance to for any kid who likes our mascot Bärra.

Listen to Bärra's new song

There's a lot of fun here

Campingskoj med Bärra

Camping fun with Bärra

Bärra the blueberry is the popular and very mischievous mascot who mostly spends time in Blueberry Forest but during the summer spends a lot of time on our campsites. Bärra visits us almost every day and often invents various activities with the children.

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At Siljansbadets camping we have a very appreciated playground, with activities for children of all ages.


Swimming school

This summer's swimming schools will be released later this spring!

Our swimming schools:
- The sharks beginners from 5 years, the child should have water habits.
The dolphins continue. from 5 years, the child should be able to get around in water, at least 10 m.

SEK 1,100/child. 10 times incl. Conclusion. Registration is binding. The lessons are one hour long.

Note! Family members are not allowed to go swimming freely during swimming school. You pay admission as usual for those who are not registered and for you we open at 12:00. 10:00 or 12:00, see the opening hours of the swimming pool.

The swimming school above is arranged by Enåbadet and Grönklittsgruppen AB, with its own swimming teacher and assistant.

The primary schools in Rättvik conduct swimming tests and teaching in the swimming pool on Mondays during school hours, with staff from the school. All children in grades 2-5 in Rättvik are here.

Rättviks swimming association is a sports club with its own coach, here are already swimming knowledgeable, mainly children and youth, with and train. They don't arrange swimming school. Read more under the tab "RVK Simförening".



At the side of the shop you will find our arcade! Here there are different games, for big and small! Playing cards are purchased in the shop at Siljansbadet!


Bicycle cars

Now you can easily discover our entire area. Cycling alone or together with the whole family, our largest bike car can accommodate 4 people!


Large bicycle car, 120 SEK, 55 minutes
Small bicycle car, 100 SEK, 55 minutes.