Seasonal camping

Camping is about so much more than just holidays. It is a matter of freedom to enjoy the leave in Sagolika Sunne at any time without having to worry about whether there are vacancies or not. In summer we can attract with a wide range of activities in the area. Sunne Sommarland is a stone's throw away and is within walking distance of Sunne city centre with its cosy shops.

Summer season
The summer season 2020 extends from 2020-04-30 to 2020-09-13.
The price of the seat includes WiFi, cable TV and shower.

Winter setup
Guests who have had a summer season and want to stay for another season have the opportunity to book a winter line-up in their place.


As a seasonal camper, you have a 10% discount on all food during the period June 20 - August 9. The offer is valid for both Kolsnäs Restaurang and Sunne Krog and Bowling.


Sunne summer country
Season passes to Sunne Sommarland are available for purchase at an affordable price no later than June 10.

We have now released available season places for the summer season 2020

For further information and booking, please contact our reception manager Sophie Linder at

Questions and answers about seasonal camping

Is there a queue to get a seat?

For the summer season 2020 there are vacancies. Contact us for more info.

For the next season it is a queue list, but in recent years everyone in the queue has been offered a place. We charge a deposit of 1000 SEK to be in line. This deposit will then be deducted on the place rent when you are allocated a seat.  The reason for this charge is that we only want seriously interested people who are in the queue. You can stand as long as you want in the queue on this fee. If you decline the offered seat, you are moved down the queue until next year, and if you decline once again, you will only receive an email about when the vacancies are released and it is then first served. Note! If you choose to leave the queue without having a place, you do NOT get back these 1000 SEK. Vacancies will begin to be distributed in February at the earliest.

How much does a seasonal seat cost?

A seasonal seat in summer 2020 costs from 11 000SEK. Shower, TV channels and WiFi are included.

Power and cost of laundry will be added.

How much power does power cost?

In summer, the power costs 2 SEK/kwh. Electricity consumption is read and invoiced after the summer season.

How much does it cost to shower and wash?

From 2020, a shower is included in the rent, but you need to redeem one or more access cards that are used to activate the shower. To use a washing machine/dryer, the card is loaded with money.

What TV channels are available?

SVT1, SVT2, TV4, TV 6, NRK 1, NRK 2, NRK3, TV 2 Norway, Barnkanalen and Kunskapskanalen.

How does winter setup work?

We offer everyone who has had a summer place to keep the carriage wintered over the winter period for a fee.

The cost of the winter installation 2020/2021 is 2300 SEK.
(Subject to price change)

The price includes watchkeeping for the entire camping area during the period. This means that a security company makes a rounding every night or night.

The price does NOT include electricity consumption. The price for electricity consumption during the winter setup period is 5.50 SEK/kWh. The reason why the fee for the current is higher in winter is because we do not have year-round camping without seasonal camping so if you have your cart winter-lined, you should actually pay daily rent when you are here, but we have instead chosen to have a higher current price and thus cover the cost of cleaning and heating in service buildings, etc.

The family room buildings on both the lower and upper campsite are open all year round.