The following rules of order and comfort are developed in cooperation with the Nordic camping organizations and are added for your and other campers and visitors' comfort.

Age limits
Sunne Camping is a family campsite with an age limit of at least 18 years for those who book/enter into an agreement with us, valid for both cottage and camping pithes. Note During the festival Fryksdalsdansen (Thursday-Sunday week 30) there is an increased age limit to 30 years for renting a cottage. Read more about accommodation during Fryksdalsdansen.  (Cancelled 2021)

Check-in and check-out times
Check-in for
both cottages and camping pitches is from 15:00 unless otherwise agreed upon when booking.
Please check out the opening hours of the reception and if you expect to arrive when the reception is closed, contact us in advance at +46 565-167 70 or and you will receive instructions for unmanned check-in.

Check-out for camping pitches takes place no later than 12:00 and for cottage no later than 11:00, unless otherwise agreed with the reception. After the scheduled time, the campsite has the right to charge an additional fee. During high season, inspections of cottages are applied.

Speed limit and vehicle traffic
Only one car per camping pitch/cottage is allowed, plus one for a fee, except cottage with 6 beds which, subject to availability, may have a maximum of two cars free of charge.
For both comfort and the environment, it is better to ride a bike or walk in the area instead of taking the car. Within the camping area, the vehicle speed is limited to 15 km/h and only allowed between the entrance and its own settlement. Keep in mind that there are many children here. During the day, vehicular traffic is only allowed for residents and service personnel. At 23-07, all motor vehicle traffic is prohibited. 

Rules of silence
A general rule at the campsite is to show consideration. Adjust the noise level so that other guests can sleep undisturbed from 23:00-07:00. Sunne Camping's staff works for calm and order in the area and helps if problems arise. If you have any problems, please contact the reception, at night call our sequrity guard on +46 73-061 67 70. In the event of a crime or serious accident, call emergency number 112.

Environment and hygiene
Help us protect the environment by sorting garbage.  Use the garbage cans located in the area. Leave the common areas (toilets, showers, kitchen and laundry room) in the same send as you wish to find them. Please pick up dog poop and throw into designated containers. Pets are not allowed in common areas or in the cottages 804-815. Smoking is not allowed in the cottages, inside and outside service buildings, nor in public places where others may be exposed to tobacco smoke.

Camping host or staff are not responsible for damage or loss of property.
Anyone who damages buildings, materials or other campers' possessions, or violates these rules of procedure, may be liable for compensation and be rejected. Any form of vandalism and theft is reported to the police. It is forbidden to let other guests into the area with their boom card.

During certain periods, our rules of procedure are tightened and we ask for sub-shifts with a statement that the rules have been taken into note, at check-in. This are the rules during Fryksdalsdansen

The campsite is an SCR-connected campsite. Upon check-in, a Camping ID or valid Camping Key Europe must be presented. Please download the app My Camping Key before arrival and check-in will be faster, otherwise it can be issued on site.

Fire safety

  • Reverse into the pitch, the trailers towbar or the front of the motorhome should always be placed towards the road. 
  • It is forbidden to start a fire in the area. Electric and charcoal grills are allowed to be used in the area, but disposable grills are not allowed. Used charcoal should be placed in the special barrels available at the recycling stations.
  • The use of petrol/diesel power plants in the area is prohibited.
  • Check heating and lighting devices. Watch out for gas leaks.
  • It is forbidden to share electrical outlets with anyone else, detection means immediate eviction.
  •  Always use approved cables. Do not route electric cables.
  • Electric car charging is not allowed in our electric poles at the campsite. We refer to OKQ8.
  •  Avoid smoking in tents and never smoke in the bed/sleeping bag.
  •  Extinguishing equipment through fire extinguishers is located all over the area, see map.
  •  If there is a fire; Act calmly! Warn or save your surroundings! Alert emergency services on 112. Put out or try to contain the fire, but first think about your own safety and the safety of others.