Family activities

At Sunne Camping and Sommarland, all families with children have fun together.  Take a tour around the surroundings on a bicycle car or challenge each other in bowling. We have activities that suit the whole family, both large and small.

Note! Bowling, Shuffleboard and Billiards are closed from May 2nd.


Adventure golf

Take a round and challenge your friends and family on our cool 12-hole course. The adventure golf is exquisitely beautifully situated overlooking Lake Fryken. Adventure golf is far more than regular mini golf, but it is still important to have the least number of strokes to win over your opponents. The courses have different levels of difficulty and the nice location along Fryken means that a round is an experience for all visitors of different ages.

Club and ball are rented in reception/shop.
Adult (from 15 years) 70 SEK
Children (4-14 years) 30 SEK

Opens for the season April 9.
Opening hours are the same as for the reception, the last rash is one hour before closing hours.



In summer you can rent a Segway and explore the surroundings and see beautiful places and at the same time experience how fun it is to go!

Segway is a revolutionary self-balancing vehicle that takes you at speeds up to 20 km/h and all you have to think about is leaning in the direction you want to go. To go forward, you lean forward, and to go backwards or brake, you just lean back.

Segway is classified as a bike in the new category bike class III. There is no age limit for driving a Segway, but our recommendation is that you are at least 10-12 years old (which is the Swedish Transport Agency's recommendation for children in traffic).


300:-/hour. Rented in reception/shop.
The person who rents must be over 18 years of age and sign a lease. Guardians are responsible for their children.

MG 7026

Bicycle cars

Now you can easily discover our entire area. Cycling alone or together with the whole family, our largest bike car can accommodate 4 people!


Large bicycle car, 120 SEK, 55 minutes
Small bicycle car, 100 SEK, 55 minutes.

Rented in reception/shop during the period 1/5 - 9/8.
The person who rents must be over 18 years of age and sign a lease. Guardians are responsible for their children.

MG 2261 Ret Ret


Note! Bowling is closed from May 2nd, reopens July 1st, 2020.

Challenge your friends, mom and dad, grandma and grandpa or why not yourself on bowling. Our bowling alley is suitable for all ages.
8 bowling alleys with data scores that keep track of the score.
Gates for beginners and children.
New bowling balls and new shoes.
Lighter orbs for younger children.
Globe roll ramps if you can't hold the ball yourself.

DSC 2613


Note! The shuffleboard is closed from May 2nd, reopens july 1st, 2020.

Come and try the new trend shuffleboard!

Shuffleboard is fun, exciting and easy to learn.

The game is very social and highly addictive.

It reminds me of curling. 4 red and blue stones per player or team curled from one edge to the other end of the table.

You have to get as close to the far edge as possible with your own stones while blocking or knocking off your opponent's stones.

74046 Pool Break


Note! Billiards is closed from May 2nd, reopens July 1st, 2020.

Gather your friends for a nice billiards night. Playing billiards is wonderfully relaxing and a perfect end to the day, week or as the last activity before the weekend is over.