It is close to scenic hiking trails and one of Värmland's finest golf courses.


Sundsberg's outdoor recreation area is within easy walking distance of Sunne Camping and summer land. By crossing the tunnel under the E45, you only have a few hundred meters to go to be out in the forest. It offers access to light-light courses of up to 6 km, and marked hiking trails in exciting nature.

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Sunnegolfklubb Från Ovan 2018

Sunne Golf Course

Sunne Golf Course, located a few km from Sunne Camping, is known for its fine fitness and its fantastic location on Lake Fryken. The proximity to culture, entertainment, shopping and accommodation makes the course well attended by satisfied guests. In addition to a challenging 18-hole course, a driving range, two practice greens and a three-hole short hole course.

Right next to the course is a restaurant, Nils Holgersson's inn, with wonderful views of Fryken.  You also see the Tribal Monument, which is a symbol of Finnish immigration and the exodus of Värmland to the United States.


Tennis 2


At Kolsnäs motion center just next to Sunne Camping there are two nice plexipave courses.

At the Camping Reception you can book appointments and rent a racket.
The courses are bookable daily from 1 May to 30 September.

For reservations call +46 (0)565-167 70 or email


Rent of track 80 SEK/hour/course
Rent of course for members of Sunne Tennis club 20 SEK/hour/course
Rental of racket 50 SEK + deposit in the form of a driver's license or similar that is recovered when submitting the racket.
(If the racket breaks, you pay 450 SEK.)
Balls are available for purchase, 4 pieces in a tube for 120 SEK.


MTB led

A 5.7 km long mountain bike ride is located just above the camping area.